Quality Comes First

We receive the idea of the product that the customer wants to manufacture, which we then formulate, research and develop. Then, if the customer is happy and the products are in line with GMP, the customer can place their order. We then purchase the necessary raw materials. Once we receive these, they are sent to the Raw Material Laboratory where they are tested to ensure they are in line with the requirements for the specific formulation. Finally, the product can start to be manufactured. The processes that the product goes through during production depends on the type of product being manufactured.

New product development
Innovation comes standard
This process commences with a concept.
The customer has a concept of a Complementary/Supplementary Medication they wish to create. The customer will then communicate their vision with the Hersol Marketing Director. The Research and Development department will then work with the regulatory framework Department to ensure the product adheres to the legal and pharmaceutical specifications and to ensure there are no incompatibilities. Once the product has been vetted for and meets all regulatory requirements, the responsible pharmacist will give his permission for the creation thereof. The newly developed product will then be placed under Quality Control Analysis. Once the quality on the test product is considered correct, Hersol will then quote the customer. We put Non-Disclosure Agreements and Technical Agreements in place ensuring the privacy of customer products and ideas.

Production commences when it is time to upscale the trial sized batches into full sized batches. All processes part of production are validated, all equipment is regularly serviced and all staff are adequately trained. The goal of production at Hersol is to ensure quality as well as to gain the ability to repeat the production of a new product in order to attain efficiency. The dosage form of the CAMs will determine the department for production. Below are the products produced in the various departments:


Powders, Granules, Solutions, Suspensions, Syrups, Extracts, Ointments, Creams, Cosmetics.
Tablets (Both Coated and Uncoated), Effervescent, Granules, Veterinary Medication, Delayed/Modified Release tablets, Specialty Tablets.
Gelatine Capsules, Vegetarian Capsules, Soft Gelatine Capsules.
Sugar Coating, Film Coating.