Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories has a packing department consisting of 13 packing lines employing over 100 people. It is run by a head of Dept and 3 supervisors. The packing department is flexible to customer needs and offers a variety of packing services.

Proudly South African
We are proudly made in South Africa with all areas of producing and packaging. In fact, our finished product Laboratory consists of experienced staff who are responsible for analysing all products, based on validated methods. The team consists of 2 analysts and 1 laboratory assistant. All of the instruments used to perform the required tests are externally calibrated by companies that are SANAS accredited, ensuring accuracy and precision at all times. Hersol packs the following products:


⤞ Capsules

⤞ Tablets

⤞ Effervescent tablets

⤞ Powders

⤞ Soft gels

⤞ Liquids


Hersol’s packing services extend to the following:

⇲ Containers

⇲ Bottles

⇲ Unit Cartons

⇲ Shrink Wrapping

⇲ Blistering

⇲ Combo Packing


Pack sizes include 30s, 60s,120s,180s and even 200s.