Who We Are
André Buhrlen
Managing Director
Executive Management


I have spent more than 25 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing, but started at Hersol in 2003. I firstly implemented a software system (Syspro) in the company - which became an integral part of how we have maintained a systematic process of good quality stock. Additionally we expanded the use of PC’s and laptops due to the integrated software up to 70 users, and this aided in control of stock, and financial controls on a day to day basis. The business grew and due to newly available capacity Turnover increased dramatically year on year.

We do find ourselves cramped for space again, due to the volumes that increase every year, and also recently acquired our own brand, with their offices and warehouse situated in Pomona, Kempton Park. The brand is slowly starting to find its feet and growing, so this is very exciting.

I fulfil the role of Responsible Pharmacist as part of my function, and hence I am intricately involved in all regulatory, GMP and product related tasks. Naturally the final release signature is key, and as such we strive to produce quality products at all times, starting with “built in quality”, from material, design, process and control point of view. Apart from this, I have a strategy and financial responsibility to ensure sustainability and growth of the company. Staff is a major part of managing a company, so they do take up a lot of time and resources…training, mentoring and guidance are critical for succession, and so I ensure that we achieve this as well.

Email address: andre@hersol.co.za