Who We Are
Kevin Van Wyngaardt
Managing Director
Board of Directors/Management


I have spent many years of learning, discovering and “doing” in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I do not come from the traditional mold that produces pharmacists, and have a very different view of what health is all about.

There are many different disciplines that can and should be used in the management of health.

I am an “out the box” thinker, and have a “can do” attitude to life.

I love the unique challenges we face at Hersol on a daily basis. No two days are ever the same!

The best part of this job is working with this special and diverse group of am very grateful to be part of this team.

Our products quality is top class and comparable to the best in the world. And it makes me proud every time I see the quality my Team produces.

I appreciate the passion and dedication with which the Hersol staff serve our Partners and the Community. It is a top priority for all at Hersol to make the experience of working with us, a very special one!

Email address: kevin@hersol.co.za