Who We Are
Laurence Solomons


The idea of starting a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant was born in the later part of 1970.

I had signed up for a business management course which included a model on how to set up your own company. Further to that I had been asked to join a company to set up their own manufacturing plant.

With the theoretical and the practical knowledge, it became very clear to me that I could set up a manufacturing plant for myself. I came into contact with a Pharmacist by to name of Sam Hertzikowitz and with the sum of R 20,000 which we secured. I resigned from my employment and in April 1980 Hersol opened the doors for business.

Hersol name was derived from the surnames of Hertzikowitz and Solomons. Thus making up Hersol.

The early days were tough. All the manufacturing was handled by myself and the administration by Sam. My background especially in manufacturing and speciality coating allowed us to take on work that other companies were unable to do.

Slowly Hersol grew. Four years after starting Hersol, Sam decided to retire. I was on my own for a number of years growing Hersol at a rapid pace.

In the beginning of 1990, we bought a portion of our current premises and moved.

Hersol became a speciality company manufacturing a wide range of dosage forms. My brother Barry, joined me in the early 90s and between us we built up the company. An opportunity presented itself whereby Hersol was able to employ the services of very good senior management. This allowed Hersol to once again grow exponentially.

Today Hersol employs in excess of 500 people utilising 2 blocks of manufacturing space in Jeppestown. Hersol is still a family owned business run by 4 directors and a qualified financial manager. We view all staff members as part of the Hersol Family.

Hersol ethos is built round the motto of QUALITY DELIVERY and PRICING.

We have a company code of conduct. that dictates Hersol’s morals and values.

Hersol has plans for the future and looks forward to many years of growth.

Email address: laurence@hersol.co.za